Sleeping In Hyperspace

by Dj Khoisan

Release date: 18/08/2009

Bushmen release: bush09

Style: Ambient, Space-trip, Down-tempo, Mix

Sleeping In Hyperspace is here to put you to sleep. It is made to take you on a trip through the imaginary universe that can be found within our minds. This is Dj Khoisan's vision of what it would be like to be half asleep, half awake, travelling in hyperspace. You don't need to be asleep though to enjoy it and it will make any journey, infront of your pc or on the move, a memorable and epic one.

Set list:

1. In the Outer Reaches - Deepspace (The Barometric Sun)
2. arctic sun and weather experim - Deepspace (Subantarctic Sessions)
3. Ethereal Void - Project Divinity (Divinity)
4. Third Awakening - Project Divinity (Divinity)
5. Tomorrow Trees - IJO (The White Out EP)
6. Ovel - IJO (The White Out EP)
7. Corona Radiata - Nine Inch Nails (The Slip)
8. 1 Ghosts I - Nine Inch Nails (Ghosts I-IV)
9. Days Before - Juri (Thought It Was Love EP)
10. G - NK - Nino Lo Bue (Sleep Spindles)
11. the cave - innerkozmos (Kozmosounds Demo)
12. Inside a Cocoon - Project Divinity (Divinity)
13. Metamorphosis - Project Divinity (Divinity)
14. Into the Light I - Carl Sagan's Ghost (Darkness and the Light)
15. Into the Light II - Carl Sagan's Ghost (Darkness and the Light)
16. Into the Light III - Carl Sagan's Ghost (Darkness and the Light)
17. Tichy Star Diaries -  Broken Ghost (Tichi Star Diaries)

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The Matrix 2.0 (2.0.1)

by Dj Khoisan

Release date: 04/08/2009

Re-release date: 20/04/2010 (new track 8)

Bushmen release: bush08

Style: Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Mix

The 1st part of a 3 part series of mixes by Dj Khoisan, inspired by the movie "The Matrix", also dubbed the alternative soundtrack to the "The Matrix". As always, it contains only music by netlabel / creative commons artists and free music pioneers. Performed in the virtual underground club, Sub-Domain.

This mix is released on both on Bushmen Records and the Italian netlabel 51beats as part of a combined netlabel artist exchange initiative.

Set list:

1. mais - sleepy town manufacture (for you)
2. Rampant Intellectualism as a Coping Mechanism - So simple. (Alba 1)
3. Noughts & Crosses - Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu (Nazcaman Remix)
4. Come With Me - Remus (downloadable)
5. ubik - alpha conspiracy (cipher)
6. Project Of Science - John Tennant (Nishi [VA] - nsh100)
7. Void - Juri (Thought It Was Love EP)
8. dreza - metonin-met (end or fin)
9. Curse - Liquid Level (Redemption LP)
10. Steady Climb - Singing Crane Productions (The Rising)
11. Breakdown (Quantum 3 progressive remix) - lukeing forward (Breakdown EP)
12. spherical break-in - Universal Constructors (ejecta)
13. postmorten winners - bioradio (postmorten winners)

// Special Release Info

This release forms part of an ongoing collaboration of "joint releases" between the Italian netlabel, 51beats, and the South African netlabel, Bushmen Records. Our goal is to strengthen our international bonds of mutual love for music in the netlabel scene and in turn to deliver our artists' music to a much wider audience. If you like the music then please feel free to share it with someone else around the world. Be sure to check out the other joint releases on our respective websites.

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Unsung Urban Wisdom

by Dj Khoisan

Release date: 29/07/2009

Bushmen release: bush07

Style: Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Mix

Dj Khoisan's first release opens up the gates to the the internet underground with trip-hop beats, down-tempo grooves and unsung urban wisdom.

Check it out and enjoy some of the finest trip-hop selections that the Creative Commons and Netlabel scenes has to offer, expertly mixed by our resident and enigmatic Dj, Dj Khoisan.  

Set list:

1. Fragility - Sublinear (Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky)
2. Sumussa - chda (Sukli)
3. Teeth - blackdaylight (the second season mix)
4. Fallbreak feat. Rupert - Northbound (Nowhere near)
5. the key - black era (the point of no return)
6. Coupe Deville - Lokua (Trails)
7. Analog Stone - Oh No Nuno! (Dusty Gentle Insides E.P.) 
8. Alive - Daizy (The Daizy Factory)
9. Generation Gap - Professor Kliq (The Scientific Method, Volume II Experiments in Sound Perspective)
10. Technokratz - Docta Valkus (Skybase)
11. Created Equal - The X-Structure (3 in 1)
12. Infiltration - Trifonic (Emergence)
13. Scratch The Turntables - Mr Moods (Remixed And Revamped LP)
14. Dreaming of Wings - Moosefrog (Come)
15. Reckonerz (ft. Charli2na) - AmpLive (Rainydayz Remixes)
16. Because I Believe In You (4:02) - Daizy (The Daizy Factory)

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by The X-Structure

Release date: 16/06/2009

Bushmen release: bush06

Style: Electronica, IDM, Down-tempo

The X-Structure's 6th album, Redux, is mix of old and new. Most of the tracks were started in 2007 and completed in 2009. It is a full length album containing 11 tracks. If you do not know The X-Structure then this album will show you exactly what they can do and what they do best, making trippy and epic music. It's a milestone for this great band and we look forward to release more music from them in the future.

Track listing:

01. Transverse
02. East Meets South
03. Signs
04. The Battle Within
05. Lockdown
06. Crosswise
07. Hero
08. Heavy Days
09. Don't Worry
10. Upright
11. Beyond 

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3 in 1

by The X-Structure

Release date: 06/05/2009

Bushmen release: bush05

Style: Electronica, Down-tempo

The X-Structure's 4th album, 3 in 1, tells the story of The X-structure mysticsal journey through Man's struggle with equality, the profoundness of giving freely of oneself and the pursuit of dreams and the gift thereof.

It's a downtempo trip-hop adventure with a mystical twist.

Track listing:

01. Created Equal
02. Give Freely
03. Dream On 

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