by Alchesound

Release date: 03/11/2013

Bushmen release: bush38

Style: Electronic, Down-tempo, Trip-hop, Glitch

Vapour presents a series of progressive compositions with a minimalistic and experimental approach to melodic grooves, beatbreaks and cross-rhythms, mood-swinging through a mist of nostalgia.

Track listing:

01. Dancing On Water
02. Grasshopping
03. Shadows In The Sun
04. Valley Of Desolation
05. Void
06. Three.Twelve.AM
07. Tunnel Vision

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by Jed Rabid

Release date: 05/10/2013

Bushmen release: bush37

Style: Post-Dubstep, Synth Pop, EBM 

Enlightenment is a journey through various electronic music styles rooted in bass. From post-dubstep to synth pop and EBM. The tracks range from melodic and moody to upbeat and bouncy. A thinking man's look into genre blurring music.

Track listing:

01. Stalker
02. Kopy (2012 mix)
03. Drop Out
04. Erase, Repeat
05. Sentance
06. Misconceptions
07. Prussian Blue
08. Discontent
09. Lock Out
10. Keep It To Yourself
11. Trust No One
12. Marketing Desk
13. woopa
14. Hello Computer
15. Down & Out
16. Game Theory
17. Miniture Time Funk

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Combustion EP

by Jed Rabid

Release date: 09/03/2013

Bushmen release: bush36

Style: Dubstep, EBM, Breaks

Combustion is an open minded variation of different electronic musical styles, from dark and moody atmospheres too bouncy-groovy tracks. The Combustion mixes on the EP are updated mixes of previously released tracks, improving their production, phatness and overall sound quality. There are also a couple of new tracks on the EP showcasing a fresh direction and exploration into more chilled and uplifting bass music.

Track listing:

01. Death Cola (Combustion Mix)
02. Shimmy
03. Aligner (Combustion Mix)
04. Assistant From The Gods (Combustion Mix)
05. Dont Give A Damn (feat Slew Dada & Kelly Lynx)

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by The Shimmer Effect

Release date: 23/01/2013

Bushmen release: bush35

Style: Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Glitch, Ambient

Mechanosensitive is a cross-genre sensory adventure filled with tension and release, captivating rhythms and a distortion of layers that takes you down a liquid stream of gentle ripples, roaring torrents and eerie undercurrents in true Shimmer Effect style.

Track listing:

01. Lost Indoctrination
02. Beauteous Black
03. Tokolosi Night Spell
04. Human Complex
05. Fuzz
06. Underbelly
07. Enceladus
08. Body Splitters
09. Royal Pig

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by The X-Structure

Release date: 18/10/2012

Bushmen release: bush34

Style: Electronica, Down-tempo

To the Mountain we go on our journey of discovery. Prepared in advance for this coming challenge, if we so choose to see the signs and accept the teachings.

Along the way we will learn, see, feel and experience, only truly knowing the deeper truths of life because we are there living it.

We will discover purpose, nature revealed. We will witness beauty, meaning found. We will encounter glorious visions of grand splendour, wonderfully orchestrated by the loving hands of the Great Conductor of Life.

The Mountain reveals the wonder of it all. Through the brutal honesty of nature it breaks down the illusions created by our imaginary social boundaries. It is there where we experience the presence of a Greater Reality.

The Mountain is a symbol of many great things, bringing to light these deeper truths of life, and all along the way of effort, pain and perseverance, realisation, gratitude and brilliant moments of glory we will discover them.

The Mountain is a place of mystery, a place that inspires, a place of peace, a place that challenges. Ancient knowledge passed down through the movement of time, purpose revealed in the sight of a future glory.

Now is the time for the sleeper to awake. Now is the time to go on to the Mountain.


Words to "Here I Stand"

"The sun is righteous in its radiance.
The moon hangs true to its cause.
The clouds move on silently to fulfill their purpose.
And here I stand, what am I to do but be thankful."

Track listing:

01. Sleeper, Awake
02. The Ancient Path
03. Coming 2.0
04. Here I Stand
05. The Most High
06. Eternal Soul
07. Overcome Evil With Good
08. Future Glory

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